How to use your LOYAL Airbrush

This video features the  LOYAL high capacity airbrush with a 30 PSI compressor. In this video, you will watch how to use the airbrush.


  1. Gently press on top of the compressor box in the middle to turn it on.
  2. Press again to select the speed: Low, medium or high.
  3. We recommend testing your colour first on a paper towel.
  4. Hold your airbrush approx. 15cm from your cake.
  5. Gently pull back the trigger, and keep moving the airbrush to ensure even coverage.
  6. We recommend using a cake turntable to easily and gently turn the cake.
  7. Build your colours slowly, to avoid the colour building unevely.
  8. Hold the airbrush closer for finer details and further away for larger areas.