Donut Jam Cream Double Fill

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  • Body and tip made of stainless steel.
  • 2 arms/ pumps
  • All the mechanical parts are made in anodized aluminium, making all componence easy to clean.
  • Dosing adjustable: 0 –15 gr.
  • Includes 2 lids.
  • 3L bowl made of heavy stainless steel making it very stable and strong.
  • Execution: 2 pistons


The dispenser is a stable stand-alone device and may only be used on a flat surface. Fill the bowl with cream or jam. Fix the dosing unit in the centre using the two locking screws. The two lids must always be hooked in, thus ensuring stability on the one hand and protecting the mass from dirt, for example.

Now press the lever with your hand and push it down. Note: Not suitable for nut nougat cream.

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