Made in Australia: LOYAL’s Plastic Piping Tips and Scrapers

Plastic Piping Tips

LOYAL plastic piping tips are manufactured here in Australia! Composed of high quality polypropylene, LOYAL's plastic tips are seamless - so your patterns will not be disrupted. They are completely food- and dishwasher-safe, and are resistant to fats, oils, detergents, and boiling water.

The advantage that plastic tips have over stainless steel ones is price. They are significantly cheaper, making them ideal for people or businesses on a budget. Note that all LOYAL plastic tips can be used with couplers.

LOYAL plastic tips are available in round and star shapes:

Plastic Scrapers

LOYAL plastic scrapers have the same properties as the plastic tips. They are manufactured in Australia, made of polypropylene, food- and dishwasher-safe, resistant to fats, oils, detergents, and boiling water, and cheaper than stainless steel scrapers.

The quality of these scrapers ensures that you have the professional tools to do your job.