Overview of the LOYAL Airbrush

The LOYAL Single Action Airbrush makes decorating with a colour quick and easy, and is suitable for all skill levels. The LOYAL Airbrush is used to spray a food colour onto fondant, buttercream, flour paste, marzipan, royal icing, and even ganache.

How does it work?

The LOYAL Airbrush works by using compressed air to spray paint out of the nozzle. It has three “speed” settings that allow you to create different effects with a colour. The LOYAL Airbrush is a plug-in design, meaning you do not have to re-charge it. The cord system also has the advantage of making the airbrush light in your hand, providing you with added flexibility.

How do you use it?

The key to using your LOYAL Airbrush is to build a colour with two to three layers of paint. Before you apply the next layer, it is important to let the previous one dry. In this way, you start off thin and build your colour slowly.

What food colours should you use?

To avoid clogging (and ruining!) your airbrush, LOYAL recommends using the Classic Airbrush and Metallic Airbrush ranges by Magic Colours. These food colours are completely edible, fast-drying, and water-soluble. Please note: Do not use paste- and gel-type food colours with your airbrush.

How do you clean it?

It is important to clean your LOYAL Airbrush immediately after using it to prevent paint residue from drying internally. Paint residue can also result in colours mixing when you introduce a new food colour.

To clean your LOYAL Airbrush:

  1. Disassemble the airbrush into its sub-components (treat the needle section with particular care as it is sharp and delicate)
  2. Rinse the components in warm water
  3. Clean the components with alcohol, isopropanol, or window cleaner
  4. Re-assemble the airbrush
  5. Push compressed air out of the nozzle to prevent moisture residue from building up

What airbrush accessories should you get?

The Airbrush Cleaning Jar is a self-contained unit that helps you avoid mess when cleaning your LOYAL Airbrush.

The Cleaning Set for Airbrush allows you to clean the needle section of your LOYAL Airbrush more safely and efficiently.

The Canvas Bag for Airbrush allows you to store your LOYAL Airbrush set in a portable bag. This will prevent your airbrush set from becoming damaged or contaminated with dust.

Airbrushing on Cakes, by award-winning airbrushing artist Cassie Brown, is a paperback guide on everything you need to know about airbrushing. This book is suitable for all skill levels.