How to clean your LOYAL Airbrush

It is important to clean your LOYAL Airbrush immediately after using it to prevent food colour residue from drying internally. Food colour residue can also result in colours mixing when you introduce a new food colour.

To clean your LOYAL Airbrush:

  1. Disassemble the airbrush into its sub-components (treat the needle section with particular care as it is sharp and delicate)
  2. Rinse the components in warm water
  3. Clean the components with alcohol, isopropanol, or window cleaner
  4. Re-assemble the airbrush
  5. Push compressed air out of the nozzle to prevent moisture residue from building up

We recommend purchasing the Airbrush Cleaning Jar to assist with cleaning your airbrush.

Airbrush Cleaning Jar

High Capacity Airbrush